Church Government

One of the strengths of FBCG is its congregational form of government. This places responsibility for certain key decisions in the hands of the members, generally expressed through the right to vote at our Annual Meeting, either in person or by proxy.

Two items that must be approved by members are slates of candidates for the Executive Council, the church’s governing board, and for the Nominating Committee, which recommends candidates to fill expiring (or vacated) terms of Executive Council members. Executive Council members can serve two three-year terms; Nominating Committee members serve one-year terms. Those filling vacated positions serve the balance of the term.To allow for review and consideration of both slates, we provide adequate notice to the membership.

The Nominating Committee chair is Doug Walton (, please contact him with any questions.

FBCG is committed to a “policy governance” form of government, which means that our congregation does ministry (outreach and care), our staff provides management (equipping and coordination), our Senior Pastor provides leadership (vision, direction, teaching) and our Executive Council provides governance (accountability and support). While the Executive Council provides governance, we believe that the membership of the church must participate in the governance of the church through the approval of Executive Council membership and major decisions affecting the church family. To learn more about the policy governance form of church government, please read the book, Winning on Purpose: How to Organize Congregations to Succeed in Their Mission by John Kaiser. There are copies available at the East and West Campus libraries.

FBCG is governed through its Bylaws and Guiding Principles . The Bylaws are rarely changed; however the Guiding Principles are reviewed and updated by the Executive Council every year.

We expect each member of the Executive Council to meet the qualifications of the position by being of the highest Christian character and being an example of ministry and service through FBCG. Members of the Executive Council are nominated through a nominating committee process.

Use this form to nominate candidates for positions. 

The Executive Council meets several times during the year.
View Current Minutes | View Past Minutes | Minutes from the Annual Meeting August 2014

Current Executive Council

Ken O’Brien
Church Chairman
Second term ending 2016

Dave LeVan
Vice Chairman
Second term ending 2017

David Prost
First term ending 2016

Doug Kight
Non-EC member

Brian Coffey
Senior Pastor
Ex-officio member

Rick Bloom
Second term ending 2017

Russ Chrusciel
First term ending 2016

Steve Luby
Second term ending 2017

Stefanie Nimick
Second  term ending 2018

Open Position
First term ending 2018

Sean Thomas 
First term ending 2017

Frank Valentini 
First term ending 2018

Amy Wildman
First term ending 2016