Our Pastoral Staff and Leadership

Brian Coffey, Senior Pastor
Preaching, Leadership, Pastoral Care
bcoffey@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×113

Lorene Coffey, Director of Women’s Ministries
lcoffey@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068

Jeff Frazier, Pastor of Adult Discipleship
Preaching, Teaching, Small Groups, Classes
jfrazier@fbcg.com   630.232.7068×121

Doug Kight, Director of Operations
Financial, Building Operations, Office Technology, Human Resource
dkight@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×112

Bruce McEvoy, Pastor of Family and Serving
Missions and Serving Ministries
bmcevoy@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×123

Sterling Moore, Pastor of Student Ministries
5th-12th Grade Ministries
smoore@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×163

Chris Sarros, Pastor of Children’s Ministries
Preschool and Elementary Ministries
csarros@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×125

FBCG Staff Directory

Jeff Frazier, Pastor of Adult Discipleship
jfrazier@fbcg.com   |  630.232.7068 x121


Jenny Schulenburg, Director of Adult Discipleship 
jschulenburg@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068 x117


Jennifer Gomoll, Connections Coordinator
jgomoll@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068 x135

Alli Goble, Director of Leadership Institute & Worship Coordinator
agoble@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068 x165


Kelli Wick, Adult Discipleship Administrative Assistant
kwick@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068

Chris Sarros, Pastor of Children’s Ministries
csarros@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×125


Nancy Deeter, Preschool Ministries
Programs for infants through 5 year olds
ndeeter@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×143

Jill Hendren, Administrative Assistant
jhendren@fbcg.com  |  630.232.7068×115


Viki Jeffrey, Administrative Assistant
vjeffrey@fbcg.com  |  630.232.7068×145


Kathy Schamberger, Administrative Assistant
kschamberger@fbcg.com  |  630.232.7068×126


Becky Chennault, Elementary Ministries
bchennault@fbcg.com  |  630-731-3645


Jaimie Holda, Saturday Night Ministries
jholda@fbcg.com  |  331.248.0154


Sarah Kroning, Nursery/Toddler Coordinator, West Campus
skroning13@gmail.com  |  847.565.9803

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Jaimie Valentini, Special Needs Coordinator, West Campus
jvalentini@fbcg.com  | 

Erin Wise, Compassion Coordinator
Compassion in Action, Congregational Care
ewise@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×131


Kristy DeSanti, Director of Recovery Care and Prayer
kdesanti@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×151


Bruce McEvoy, Pastor of Family & Serving
bmcevoy@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×123

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Shayna Duncan,  Coordinator of Short-Term Missions
sduncan@fbcg.com   |  630.232.7068×120


Cheryl Pacilio, Director of Local Serving
cpacilio@fbcg.com   |  630.232.7068×152

Sterling Moore,  Pastor of Student Ministries – 5th-12th Grade Ministries
smoore@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×163


Sue Ann Egan,  Administrative Assistant for Family and Serving
saegan@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×132


Gretchen Gilbert,  High School Ministries Associate
ggilbert@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×144


Jonathan Goble,  Pastor of Middle School Ministries – 5th-8th grade
jgoble@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×140

Main Office

Doug Kight, Director of Operations
Financial, Building Operations, Office Technology, Human Resource
dkight@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×112

Jan Bauserman,  Administrative Assistant
jbauserman@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×110


Lori Haring, Administrative Assistant  
lharing@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×130


Jackie Ragains, Receptionist
jragains@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×111,(Voice Mail)


Building Operations & Financial

Britta Ness, Financial Assistant
bness@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×118


Fred Morris, Financial Controller
fmorris@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×145


John Harper, Facilities Manager
jharper@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×146


James Chavez, Assistant Facilities Manager
jchavez@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×161


Matt Schuman, IT Support

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Paige Oler, Communications Coordinator

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Craig Taylor, Website Specialist


Georgia Wagner,  Custodian
gwagner@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×159 (Voice Mail)


Dawit Abegaz,  Custodian

Lorene Coffey, Director of Women’s Ministries
lcoffey@fbcg.com   |  630.232.7068×134


Kim Ericson, Director of Women’s Outreach
kericson@fbcg.com  |  630.232.7068


Beth Griebel, Coordinator of Paid Child Care
bgriebel@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×136


Michelle Klisares, Director of Women’s Bible Studies
mklisares@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×147


Karen Leone, Coordinator of Women’s Bible Studies
kleone@fbcg.com  | 630.232.7068×142


Jackie Ragains, Women’s Ministries Administrative Assistant
jragains@fbcg.com   | 630.232.7068×139



Moms Connected Info (Voice Mail)



Moms Together Info (Voice Mail)

Dee Compton, Director of Traditional Worship


Eric Elftmann, Contemporary Worship Associate, Worship Cafe


Kevin Lange, Organist

Leah Leman, Traditional Worship Associate


Ryan McCann, Traditional Worship Associate


Eli Munoz, Contemporary Worship Associate


Jordan Newhouse, Contemporary Worship Associate


John Kruse, Technical Director


Jacob Vogel, Technical Assistant

Darrell Wright
Church Chairman
First term ending 2014

Dave LeVan
Vice Chairman
First term ending 2014

Chuck Thomas
Second term ending 2015

Doug Kight
Non-EC member

Brian Coffey
Senior Pastor
Ex-officio member

Rick Bloom
First term ending 2014


Russ Chrusciel
First term ending 2016

Steve Luby
First term ending 2014

Stefanie Nimick
First term ending 2015

Ken O’Brien
Second term ending 2016

David Prost
First term ending 2016

Harry Rooker
First term ending 2015

Amy Wildman
First term ending 2016


First Baptist Church of Geneva

Mailing Address:
East Campus 2300 South Street
Geneva, IL 60134

fax: 630.232.7092
Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday – Thursday. Closed Fridays

West Campus
3435 Keslinger Road
Geneva, IL 60134

Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday – Friday. Closed Mondays.


In order to conserve energy and reduce costs, FBCG offices are open 4 days a week.
Please check below for phone numbers that will direct you to answers for commonly asked questions.

Church Government Contacts
Job Opportunities

Baptism Registration Church Office, 630.232.7068
Child Dedication Registration Church Office,  630.232.7068
Children’s Ministries Activities
Adventure Club | Desiring God | Jubilation Station
Joyful Noise Choir | K’s Praise Choir
Vacation Bible School | Special Events
Christmas Program | Easter Eggs-Travaganza
Chris Sarros, 630.232.7068×125
Giving & Donations Fred Morris, 630.232.7068×145
Hand in Hand Preschool Nancy Taylor, 630.232.7068×124
Food Pantry and Financial Assistance Erin Wise, 630.232.7068×131
Funeral Arrangements Church Office, 630.232.7068
Hospital Visits – To arrange a visit from a Pastor Church Office,  630.232.7068
Membership Classes Church Office, 630.232.7068
Moms Connected 630.232.7068×138
Moms Together 630.232.7068×137
Prayer Chain – To request prayer Church Office, 630.232.7068
Sermon Tape or CD request Church Office, 630.232.7068×111
Short Term Mission Trip Requests Shayna Duncan, 630.232.7068×120
Student Ministries Activities
Club 56 | Souled Out
Sue Ann Egan, 630.232.7068×132
Weddings Arrangements Church Office, 630.232.7068