Leadership Institute

Training our next generation leaders

Providing hands-on experience and leadership training for college students and graduates

As part of our mission to equip, we at FBCG believe it is our responsibility to train and mentor future Christian leaders. Leadership Institute includes ministry experience, one-on-one mentorships, and weekly classes on Christian leadership and discipleship.


Upcoming Events

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Dates, Hours, and Pay

Leadership Institute 2017

May 31st – August 14th

LI students will work in their mentorship an average of 30-35 hrs/week. In addition to their mentorship students will also attend weekly LI classes 5 hrs/week.

Time Off: The internship runs for 11 weeks (orientation week + 10 LI programming weeks), and all students are allowed up to one week of vacation time. LI students may be given additional time for mission trips upon approval of their mentor and LI Director.

LI students will receive a summer stipend of $2000.

Admission Process

Open to anyone interested in ministry experience and leadership training

We have a rolling admission process, and we will accept a limited number of students for the summer’s program. An online application for the Summer of 2017¬†will become available in the Fall of 2016.¬†Once an application is submitted, we will review the application and get back to the applicant within a week. Applications are accepted through April 1st.


2016 Mentorships

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Middle School Ministries
  • High School Ministries
  • College Ministry
  • Worship and Production
  • Communications

2017 Mentorships