At FBCG we have different funds so that you can tell FBCG how you want the money you give to be used. Check out our options below and choose the one that best fits your purpose. To give online, click Give Now.

General Fund

The General Fund represents those gifts to the church that have no restrictions on their use. Each year the staff, in conjunction with the boards, develops a proposed budget as to how those funds will be used during the year. This proposed budget is then presented to membership at the annual meeting for approval. Typical expenditures from the General Fund include staff salaries and benefits, mortgage payment, utilities and maintenance of our building, missionary support, and all the various ministry programs of the church.

Growing to Serve

Growing to Serve is a three-year ministry expansion project – our response to God’s calling for FBCG to continue to have greater kingdom impact both locally and globally. For more information, visit our Growing to Serve page. Click here to give to Growing to Serve.

Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund represents gifts to the church which are restricted to helping those in need. Typically those we help are in need because of situations such as loss of employment, health issues, or family issues. The Benevolent Fund helps those in our church, our community and around the world. Four times a year one of our monthly benevolent offerings is used towards international causes (e.g., earthquake relief, tsunami relief) and the rest of the year the funds are split evenly between FBCG’s Benevolent Fund, which is directed to helping those in our congregation, and our Compassion in Action Fund, which helps the needy in the community. Decisions on how the Benevolent Funds are spent are made by the pastors.

Serve the World

Serve The World is an initiative to help reach local and global mission partners of FBCG. To give to Serve The World simply write Serve The World in the memo line of your check, write the amount you wish to give on the Serve The World line of your giving envelope, or enter the amount you wish to donate on the Serve The World line when giving online. Click here to give to Serve the World.

Short Term Mission Trips

Short term mission trips are short (usually a week or two) trips taken by students or adults to work with our various missionary partners around the world. If you give online, select the correct fund (Mission-Adlt Sh Trm for adults and Mission-Yth Sh Trm for students) and then put the trip name and the name of the person whose fund you wish to give towards in the optional memo field ex: Mexico – John Doe.

If you wish to give to a trip but not a specific person, select the correct fund and then input the trip name into the optional memo field. If you wish to just give to adult or student short term missions but not a specific trip simply select the correct fund and leave the optional memo field blank. For more information, visit our Short-Term Mission Trip page. To give online, click give now.