Preview of Final Building Plans

The final building plans for the East and West Campuses have been approved. Following is an overview of the major enhancements that will be made to each campus and a preview of what they will look like when complete.

East Campus Highlights

  • Enhance the Sanctuary
  • Expand the lobby on main level to enlarge the welcome area and add a library
  • Construct a covered drop-off area
  • Create enlarged space for children’s programs and a nursery on the lower level
  • Relocate the Food Pantry on lower level for easy access
  • Improve classrooms and meeting space on the lower level
  • Consolidate staff office space on the lower level

Easter Campus SanctuaryRendering of East Campus Childrlen's Large Group Room

The East Campus phase will be completed by September.

West Campus Phase 1 Highlights

  • Expand the main level of the building to the north
  • Add space for the Masterpiece Ministry for children with special needs on the first floor and lower level
  • Add classroom and meeting space on the first floor and lower level
  • Remodel the lower level to enhance the large group meeting room and breakout space for children’s ministries

West Campus Masterpiece Ministry RoomWest Campus Children's Large Group Room

West Campus Phase 1 will be completed by November.

West Campus Phase 2 Highlights

  • Expand the main level of the building to the south
  • Add a flexible, 300-seat venue
  • Enhance the lobby and welcome areas
  • Relocate, enlarge and improve security for the nursery
  • Add office space

West Campus South Expansion Large Venue RoomWest Campus South Expansion Exterior

West Campus Phase 2 is planned to start in 2015/2016.


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