Investing in our Next Generation Leaders

The First Baptist Church of Geneva has launched a new Leadership Institute for college students and college graduates, and we want you to know about this great opportunity!

The institute is designed to elevate the internships offered by FBCG is the past to a more dynamic program for students that not only provides valuable hands on ministry experience, but also provides essential leadership and discipleship training.

2016 Dates (11 weeks) 
Orientation Week (1 week) : May 31st – June 5th
LI Programming (10 weeks) : June 6th – August 14th 

About The Leadership Institute – FAQ’s

Leadership Institute students will be assigned a summer mentorship. They will be paired with one of our ministry staff members and will work alongside them throughout our 11 week program. To find out more information about our specific mentorships click on our “Summer Mentorships” tab. 

Who may apply?
The program is designed for college students and college graduates sensing a leading into church-based ministry, and desiring to grow as a leader. We will accept a limited number of students for this summer’s program. An online application form is available on our church website at

How does the application process work?
We have a rolling admission process. Once an application is submitted we will review the application and get back to the applicant within a week. Applications will be accepted through April 1st. 

Are the LI mentorship positions paid? 
Yes. All LI students will receive a summer stipend of $2000.

How many hours a week do LI students work? 
All LI students will work an average of 30-40 hrs/week. This includes weekly Leadership Institute classes. 

Do LI students receive any time off during the summer?  
Yes. All LI students are allowed up to one week of vacation time. We ask that all vacation dates are cleared with our LI staff before the start of our program.  LI students may be given additional time for mission trips upon approval of their mentor and LI Director. 





Training Classes

College Community Events

Summer Mentorships


For more information, contact Allison Goble, The Leadership Institute Director, at