The Adult Discipleship Department invites you to attend our special seminars and events, designed to equip you to grow in your relationship with Christ, develop your teaching skills, and honor God with your finances.

Cathobaptology is a seminar led by Pastor Jeff Frazier that discusses the key distinctions between Roman Catholicism and Protestant Evangelicalism. View the video, download the notes, and view the presentation slides from the latest Cathobaptology that was held on March 8, 2014.

Looking for financial advice?  Visit our financial courses page for information on classes that teach you how to manage your finances using biblical principles.

Why do you believe the Bible?  If you have ever been asked this question or have asked the question yourself, then check out the course titled “The Reliability of Scripture” taught by Pastor Jeff Frazier in 2012. You can watch the video, listen to the audio, and download the following handouts at these links: outline, MAPS to guide you through biblical reliability, canon of the New Testament, and Bible origins.

Teacher’s Academy was designed to equip ministry volunteers in our congregation with the skills needed to effectively teach the Word of God. The class is no longer offered, but past seminars are archived on the Teacher’s Academy page.

Teachers Teaching Teachers equips Adult Learning Community teachers with practical skills such as facilitating dynamic discussion, developing a lesson, and incorporating creative teaching methods.  Teachers also learn about the characteristics of adult learners and how to point to Christ in their teaching.

A Latin phrase meaning “Scripture alone,” Sola Scriptura is intended to provide an avenue for God’s people to study His Word. Visit the Sola Scriptura page for further information.