Teachers Academy Equipping SeminarJoin us for Teachers Academy!

Teachers Academy was a seminar held in 2011 – 2012 intended for those who served at FBCG in Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Adult Discipleship (Adult Sunday Classes, Small Groups, Men’s Bible Study and TEAM).

Those attending Teacher’s Academy were equipped with the skills they needed to effectively teach the Word of God. These sessions were led by our Pastor of Adult Discipleship, Jeff Frazier.

While Teacher’s Academy is no longer meeting, you can listen to past sessions posted here on our website. We hope that they continue to bless you!

For more information, contact Jenny Caterer at 630.232.7068 x117.

Past Teacher’s Academy Seminars

Session Date Audio Handout

1 Sept. 13, 2011 No Audio Available The Funnel Effect

 2  Nov. 15, 2011  No Audio Available The Art of Questioning

3 Feb. 7, 2012 No Audio Available The Heart of the Matter

 4 Apr. 17, 2012 No Audio Available  “Best Teaching Practices

5 May 8, 2012 No Audio Available

Gospel Fluency“, Tim Keller Article


September 13, 2011: “The Funnel Effect”: Too many teachers spend hours in preparation and yet never quite know just exactly what it is that they are trying to communicate or teach.  This session will explore the “funnel effect” of good preparation and the two most important questions every teacher must be able to answer before he or she gets up to teach.

November 15, 2011: “The Art of Questioning”: Most people think of teaching as the transfer of information from one source (the teacher) to another (the student or learner).  One of the very best things any teacher can do is to learn to ask good questions, and then to learn to listen for the answers to those questions.  This session will explore the who, why and how of good question asking.

February 7, 2012: “The Heart of the Matter”: Teaching anything can be a humbling experience; teaching the Word of God can (and should) bring us to our knees.  Have you ever sat down to study a passage of Scripture and felt a little overwhelmed at the thought of having to teach all that it contains?  This session will examine how a teacher arrives at the heart or central message of a passage of Scripture.

April 17, 2012:  “Best Teaching Practices and Sticky Issues”:  This special Teacher’s Academy event will include a dinner prepared by Tracy Barbel and feature a panel discussion led by Pastor Jeff and a group of lay teachers at FBCG.  The panel will share their best teaching practices and answer your questions about “sticky issues” in teaching and facilitating.

May 8, 2012: “Gospel Fluency”: The gospel is at the heart of every good message, lesson, or sermon! Paul says that the gospel is the power of God (Romans 1:16). Do you know the gospel? Can you define it? Can you explain it in simple terms? Can you apply it to everyday situations? We will be discussing what it means to be “fluent” in the gospel.