Masters Hands

Masters hands

The Masters Hands Ministry serves care receivers who have a need for repair and restoration help in their homes. Generally, the care receivers are single parents, widows, widowers, seniors, and those who might be less able to complete needed home maintenance, repairs, and fixing safety issues. We meet on the first (non-holiday) Saturday morning of each month. We pray together and then go out in teams of 4 to 6 men to homes to work together to serve our Care Receiver. The teams include a team captain who is a man with handyman skills. The team members don’t need any handyman skills at all—only a willingness to serve. The projects are varied in nature, examples include: home and lawn cleanup, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, or replacing furnace filters. Minor plumbing and electrical repairs, sanding, refinishing or fixing windows and doors are occasionally needed. Minor drywall repair and painting are frequent projects, as are helping with computer or automotive maintenance.

Jesus said, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” We perform our service as unto the Lord in the strength that He provides (1 Peter 4.11), and, as much as possible, we help to “carry their burdens” while performing our Master’s Hands services (Gal 6.2). There is a blessing we receive that takes many of our Master’s Hands men by surprise. We come to serve with our abilities, and as we serve, we develop relationships with our fellow team members, but also with our Care Receivers. This allows us to share life together with the person we are serving, to care for them and to pray together with them. It is a wonderful blessing from the Lord, and I am confident you will find this to be a great joy!

For approximately 4 hours per month, you can change someone’s life forever, including your own!

We invite you to an orientation meeting to learn more about this ministry. Please mark your calendar for Saturday April 23rd, 9:00 to 10:00 am in the EAST CAMPUS CHAPEL.

Upcoming 2016 work days:

May 7

June 4

August 6

September 10

October 1

Contact: Erin Wise, (630) 232-7068, ext. 131 or