FBCG Student Ministries

FBCG Student Ministries exists to create a community for your students as they grow in their love for God, each other and the world. Three programs within Student Ministries are designed as safe places for teens and pre-teens to ask questions, learn about biblical truth, apply those truths to their lives and have plenty of fun in the process.

Student ministries utilizes and electronic check-in system in order to take accurate records of student attendance. With a group as large as student ministries, it can be relatively easy for students to slip through the cracks. Keeping accurate data helps us to ensure that we are able to care for all of our students. We also print out name tags each week so that our students can meet new people and our leadership team and intentionally include new students.

Check out the details for our upcoming Servant Auction on April 13th! Visit our Servant Auction Page.
56 Ministries, directed by Jonathan Goble, serves 5th and 6th grade students. Programs include Sunday morning classes, Club 56 Wednesday night program and special events throughout the year.
Souled Out, also directed by Jonathan Goble, is the 7th and 8th grade program. Souled Out has programs on Sunday morning, as well as a discipleship program on Sunday evening, and special events and retreats year round.
TREK, pastored by Sterling Moore, is a community for high school students. TREK AM is the Sunday morning program. There are discipleship groups, special events, missions trips and retreats all year.
FBCG is launching a new Leadership Institute this summer for college students and college graduates, and we want you to know about this great opportunity! The institute is designed to elevate the internships offered by FBCG in the past to a more dynamic program for students that not only provides real world work experience in church-based ministry, but also provides essential leadership and discipleship training. Visit the Leadership Institute Page for more information.
Masterpiece ministry is designed to help 5th-8th grade students with special needs experience love and acceptance during worship, instruction, and fellowship at FBCG. For more information, please visit the Masterpiece Ministries page.

On May 13 – 15, FBCG will be hosting the David C Cook event called The Gathering, a conference that focuses on children and family ministries.

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Students - Sterling Moore

Sterling Moore,  Pastor of Student Ministries – 5th-12th Grade Ministries
smoore@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×163


Sue Ann Egan,  Administrative Assistant for Family and Serving
saegan@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×132


Gretchen Gilbert,  High School Ministries Associate
ggilbert@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×144


Jonathan Goble,  Pastor of Middle School Ministries – 5th-8th grade
jgoble@fbcg.com | 630.232.7068×140