The Discipleship Group Program of the TREK High School Ministries offers students a chance to take a significant step that will provide the opportunity to grow spiritually, as well as providing an environment of accountability to encourage growth. 

8 Essentials of a DGroup:

Click on the picture for the 8 Essentials of a DGroup.


DGroup 101:

The Structure:
DGroups are made up of groups of 6-10 students of the same gender and adult leaders. The groups meet in individual homes on the time/day of their choosing. The commitment will last for one school year.

The Commitment:
DGroups are a commitment- they are not for everyone that is ok! In order for a group to succeed all of the members need to be committed.

Expectations of a DGroup:

  • The student has a desire to grow in his/her faith
  • Prioritize weekly meetings- show up!
  • Create an environment of authenticity/accountability
  • Prepare for the meetings (may include reading/prayer, etc.)

The fee for DGroups is $20 for the year. Additional books/studies may be purchased later in the year. ALL students must register for a DGroup (even existing DGroup students). 

Note: You will notice on the registration that we ask for your preferences regarding relationships (those you would like to be in a DGroup with) and scheduling (what night and/or location works best for you). We work hard to find the right fit for each student but it is impossible with over 200+ students involved to create everyone’s ideal situation. *Please be willing to be flexible as we seek to create groups that will be beneficial for all the students involved.

Click Here for a downloadable version of DGroup 101. 


The DGroup Covenenant can be viewed here. All students enrolling in a DGroup are expected to have read the covenant prior to committing. 


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