2013-2014 Intermediate Study

Studies at the Intermediate Level will focus on biblical principles and growing in our faith as we dig deeper into the Bible and learn tools for personal application. 

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Home Prep: Up to 30 minutes 5 days per week
Some Bible study background suggested
East Campus A.M./P.M.
Tuesdays 9:00-11:00 A.M. or Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 P.M.
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Spring SessionIntermediate Level Change My Attitude

Study: Lord, Change My Attitude
James MacDonald (DVD)
Study Dates: Continues through 4/30/14
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It’s not about your actions. It’s not about your circumstance. It’s not about your relationships. It’s not even about your life’s calling. It’s all about your attitude! You can stop the flow of negativity that causes happiness to hemorrhage, and you can start the flow of good attitudes that cause abundant joy to flourish. Attitudes are patterns of thinking that take years to form. While we can’t change our attitudes overnight, we can recognize wrong attitudes and begin working on right attitudes to take their place.