2015-2016 General Study

For women of all stages of life and Bible study backgrounds. The General Study offers a variety of options that will encourage women to pursue God, biblical truths and what it means to live the Christian life. 

Home Prep: Up to 15 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week
Background: For any Bible study background
Location/Time: East Campus, Tuesdays a.m. & Wednesday p.m.


Fall Session

Study: God’s Love: Knowing God Through the Psalms
Author: Ruth Ann Ridley
Dates: September 15/16 through December 1/2
Book Fee: $6

God cares for us in so many ways. He offers help, calms fears, guides and strengthens us. This study explores the Psalms, showing how these songs of God’s people reveal the character, love and care of God. By reading, studying and praying Psalms—and by applying their teaching—we can discover how God offers true salvation and deep satisfaction.

Winter/Spring Sessionbk-genl-GrowingChallenges

Study: Growing Through Life’s Challenges

Author: James & Martha Reapsome
Dates: January 12/13 through April 26/27

Book Fee: $7

Throughout Scripture, we see evidence that God’s people faced the same challenges we do today. From rejection to depression, facing overwhelming responsibilities to wrestling with doubts, these heroes of the faith shared the pain, frustration, and hopes that are common to us. By observing how biblical characters like Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Peter, and Paul brought their fears and frustration to God, we can learn to do the same. Filled with encouragement and hope, this study will convince us that God’s character and presence can give strength to face any difficulty.

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