Hand Me Another Brick: The Story of Nehemiah

Hand Me Another Brick: The Story of Nehemiah

About this Sermon Series

Most of the time we simply take walls for granted. But if you stop to think about it we are quite literally surrounded by walls of all kinds! Our homes have walls; our office buildings have walls; our schools and churches have walls. All these walls serve to provide us with the space, shelter, and security we need.

The ancient story of Nehemiah is a story about a wall; the great wall of Jerusalem that, as the story begins, is broken down and in ruins. Nehemiah’s heart is broken for the people who are living in fear and insecurity so he prays to the God of heaven for help. God then leads Nehemiah on a great journey of vision, leadership, perseverance and teamwork!

We invite you to join Pastors Brian Coffey and Jeff Frazier for a summer sermon series entitled, “Hand Me Another Brick: The story of Nehemiah.” The series explores how the story is relevant today and both instructs and inspires us centuries later.

Part Eight:
Gettin' It Done: Finishing the Wall

Sterling Moore

July 27, 2014

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