Chris & Elizabeth McKinney Chris-McKinney

Campus Crusade — University of Missouri

5704 Shearwater Ct.
Columbia, MO 65203

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Elizabeth grew up at FBCG! She went to college at Miami University in Ohio and became involved with Campus Crusade there. As she grew spiritually, God gave her a heart for the lost and worldly young women and a desire to help them come to know and follow Christ.

Chris was born and raised in Kansas and is a 2nd generation Campus Crusade staff person. When he was 10 years old, he and his family moved to Budapest, Hungary, where his parents were Campus Crusade staffers. When it was time to attend college, Chris returned to Kansas State University where he studied business and leadership. While at Kansas State, God called him to influence college students, especially fraternity men, for Christ.

Chris has served 10 years at Mizzou for Campus Crusade and is currently Campus Director. Elizabeth has served 12 years with Campus Crusade, working at Miami, of Ohio, Macedonia, Butler University and Mizzou.

Chris and Elizabeth live in Columbus, Missouri, with their 1-year-old daugher Ginger.