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Converge Worldwide – Argentina – Church Planting 
C. de C. 359
4200Santiago del Estero
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The Hill family ministers in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, where there is extreme poverty and lack of water and food for families.  They are praying for a regular meeting place with a roof structure as the homes we meet in are too small, and the meetings and activities need to be held outdoors under the hot sun. 

Many families are struggling to find water and to put food on the table.  By the grace of God, the Hills were able to find a 700 gallon tank that fit perfectly into the trailer they have and they’ve been able to haul water to 10 different homes. 

The Hills have 5 children:  Sara (5/27/88), Amy (3/25/91), Paul (10/18/92), Mark (7/19/95) and Laura (5/16/97).