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December 2013

As the snow falls outside I think back over the last sixty Christmases–some in theU.S. , one in Guatemala and many in the jungles of Ecuador with our friends, the Cofans. We may have missed the snow but we had the joy of sharing God’s first Christmas with them. Ron is doing it this week, in Dureno, Dovuno and Sinangae. It would be fun to be with him to share with the Cofans about how much God loved them. But they now have the Cofan New Testament, and a quarter of the Old Testament to read and they can listen to the narration of the New Testament on the Proclaimer. Yes, God now speaks Cofan.

Yes, sixty years and there are churches in Dureno, Sinangae, Zabalo and Dovuno. And there are believers. Yes, believers that share their faith–some going out to other villages to share what Christ has done for them.

Sixty years and that’s how many years the Lord Jesus has been leading us. He gave us four children and is leading them too. Grandson, Felipe, married and he and Gissela presented us with our great-grandson, Nigel. Four grandchildren have graduated from college.

The oral recording of the Cofan New Testament was a blessing a few years back and now the opportunity to have the “Jesus Film” in Cofan is the next project. The recording team will come next spring to work with about a dozen Cofans to narrate the film. Since all the Scripture in this film are from the book of Luke, we’ve been matching up the text from the Cofan Luke. Because of the difference of length between English and Cofan for a given passage, the Cofan translation may have to be modified in order to “fit” in the space in the pre-edited film. Please pray that this can be done without altering the translation. Thankfully, the Lord has already taken care of the financial part of the recording.

What’s coming up for 2014? Well, Rick and Sue’s daughter, Rachelle, is engaged to Mike Scott. Wedding is planned for May 31st. Mike is currently a student at Penn State. Evan is a student at Moody. Ethan just graduated from Moody and is a substitute teacher at the Alliance Academy in Quite. Sarah is at Emmaus Collage in Iowa. Fede will graduate from North Park University. Greg will be teaching ESL in Taiwan, Josh continues at North West College in Seattle. Sounds like it will be a busy year.

What about us? We will be helping on the Jesus Film project. We still get along on our walkers and canes. Bobbie still has some surgery pending for circulation on her leg. We’re still enjoying retirement at our son, Rick’s, in Michigan.

To all of you who kindly sent us congratulations for our 60th wedding anniversary we want to say “Thank you.” We couldn’t all get together, but we all had opportunity to be together at sometime during the year, either in Ecuador or here in Michigan,

God’s blessings to all of you and a very Merry CHRISTmas to each one.

In Christ’s wonderful love, 

Bubs Borman 


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