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Rick and Sue Borman have served with International Teams since 1998. In 1999, they founded a camp ministry in the mountains of Ecuador called “El Refugio” (The Refuge) and have been involved in that ministry to date.


El Refugio is a training and retreat center that facilitates a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through nature and outdoor adventure.  At El Refugio we have retreats with adventure programing that are purposely structured to bring people’s attention to their spiritual need of Jesus Christ or to help them grow in their walk with Christ.  We also have a very developed training program in outdoor camp ministry with the goal of giving others the ability to run and operate a camp ministry or to use their training in their local churches.


Rick and Sue live in Michigan, at present with 4 of their 7 children and primarily work with:  US mission teams;  interns and missionary staff recruiting;  and fund raising for projects.  Rick travels to Ecuador frequently supporting the work of El Refugio and leading short term mission teams.