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Friends of Kardelen is a ministry of care and service for in-home-based rehabilitation and training in order to bring the Gospel to ‘the very least of these’ and to assist them in living lives of purpose and joy.  The current scenario in Ankara, Turkey is deplorable for children with disabilities. Impoverished children and young adults struggling with physical or mental disabilities need help in critical ways. In many cases, the family is abandoned by the father, and the mother is left alone to take care of the entire family with no source of income. In other cases, the families look for a place (like a government run facility) to send their child. To do this, the family must get on a waiting list and when the child is placed, the family signs over complete responsibility to the government and in many cases may never see the child again. We began working with abandoned children who were severely disabled over fifteen years ago here in Ankara. These children were warehoused in state-run facilities with untrained and insufficient care-givers. Many were tied in their beds; others left in their unhygienic rooms to die slow deaths of neglect, malnourishment and disease.

In 2012, Friends of Kardelen staff of 11 Turks and 2 volunteer Americans served 95 families (250 individuals) affected by disability and poverty in the Ankara region. Our service delivery model includes house visitation, assessment of need and individualized plans-of-action for directing help to each family. We also operate a facility, Streams of Mercy Center, to provide a welcoming environment for these families to receive encouragement, training, support and practical guidance on how best to care for the needs of their children. Family support groups are facilitated through the Center. Seminars, social events, appropriate counseling and resource materials are offered at the Center in order that home life can become more manageable, healthy and hopeful.

Kardelen receives more requests than we can accommodate for our services to families with disabled children. We are seeking funding that would ensure sustainability for 2013 as well as increase our capacity and effectiveness

The Need:

To raise funds to help ensure sustainability for 2014 as well as increase our capacity and effectiveness

Website:       www.kardelenmercyteams.com