Kucak Children’s Ministries   serves churches throughout the country of Turkey and reaches out to all children through their summer camps, a monthly magazine, children’s Bibles, Sunday school materials and other publishing ventures. 

The ministry began in Ankara, Turkey in 1991 out of the need for a children’s ministry in Turkey. Up until that time there was no concerted effort to minister specifically to children. Kucak became a legal publishing company in 1995.

Kucak (pronounced Koo-juk) means “embrace” in Turkish. And that is our desire: to embrace children with the knowledge and love of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

It is very difficult for Christian children to grow up in Turkey. Many of their parents have only been followers of Jesus for a few years. So it is difficult for them to know exactly how to guide their children in basic Christian principles. Kucak is trying to help fill this gap through publications, community involvement and summer holiday adventures.


To raise funds to help publish their monthly magazine for a year. 

Website:     www.kucak.org