Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC)

Creating Hope and a week of “Positive Memories” for abused kids living in the Kane County foster care system.

Royal Family Kids Camp is a five day (Monday – Friday) summer resident camp for abused children ages 7 -11 who have been or are in the Foster Care system or at-risk homes and are being monitored by social services. FBCG’s Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC) serves kids in the Kane County Foster Care System. The children who attend our Royal Family Kids’ Camp each summer and our Graduate retreat mentoring weekends in the fall and winter, have painful memories of being abused, neglected or abandoned by the very people God entrusted to care for them. These ministries try to change that through positive adult role models that help create wonderful memories of achievement. Each camp is run on a ratio of no more than two kids per adult counselor, offering a unique opportunity for the children to receive individualized attention and positive role modeling. One week can make a difference!

For more information visit  www.geneva.rfkc.org  

Three Sisters, One Hope – Full Version from RFKIDS on Vimeo.