Final Update

I am so glad that I don’t have the task of trying to summarize English Camp or my time in Vysoké Mýto; that would be way too difficult. God really had every event, conversation, relationship, travel experience, English lesson, and detail in His hand. He provided such a wonderful three weeks for me/two weeks for our team. I’m very grateful. Anyway, my job is to give you the update on our days in Prague with the team and some guests:
Our first day, though a tad rainy, was a great walking tour of some important Prague sites. It is always very exciting to show new team members the beauty of the city and see them take it all in and enjoy it. Before we started exploring, we had the blessing of eating lunch with the Titus family–FBCG people who have been missionaries in Prague for quite some time–with their five wonderful children. God is doing awesome things through their ministry. Days in Prague mean time to split up with new and old friends to walk around the market, the Charles Bridge, the castle, some gardens, and the beautiful Old Town Square–all of which were made eerily more beautiful with the thunderstorm. 
Thankfully, our second day was made all the more wonderful because we had a friend from English Camp, Filip, join us for the day of more touring/shopping/gelato/walking/people watching. For the past few years, we have been able to enjoy Prague with some guests from past English Camps and this year it was a great blessing to have Filip join us; God has gifted him with the ability to bring joy to others while also being able to discuss honestly and deeply his ideas about faith and his perspective on God. It is incredible to know that four years ago, he was very convinced that he would hate English Camp! Thank goodness God changes hearts. 
I wish I could say more, but I think I’ve already written too much! I’ve included the picture of our class on the last day, the camp picture (actually, I wanted to attach the camp picture, but the internet was too slow to download it from Facebook. Maybe you can look at someone’s facebook who went on the trip to see it!), and some Prague moments. Please ask us when we get back about the ways God provided and showed His character throughout the trip. God bless you and thank you for your prayers!Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset IMG_7415 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Day 3

We began our day with Bekah and Radim leading us in worship.
After praying for our students, we had a murder mystery party in the Blue and Green classrooms.   The bride was “murdered”; one bridesmaid was not too heart broken.
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After lunch we played American kickball with our Czech friends.  The students named their two teams The Chicago Bears and No Questions. No Questions won.
Tonight Josh taught a seminar on Scientific Discoveries while Bekah and Rhonda fielded questions on Christianity. What an amazing opportunity to be asked, “What is Christianity to you?”  and “What does your faith/belief do for you?”  And more!!!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to be here. Thank you for letting us come and for praying for us.

Day 2

We began the day with a time of worship led by Bekah and devotion by Alca (Czech) with our Czech team.   Alca brought us the Word of the Lord from Psalm 25 and 1 Peter 5:7. We were encouraged to put our hope in the Lord and give Him all our worries and cares. After praying for the students in our classrooms, we had breakfast together with all of the campers. (Photo of all 11 American English teachers). We are ready for our first day of school–English classes here we come! What a joy to be with our students today!  Our  first lessons were on the topics of family and friends.   We learned a lot about each other, building a strong foundation for the rest of the week.   This afternoon we will have team games, followed by dinner and evening seminars.   Rhonda will be leading a seminar entitled “It’s About Time.”  We will be challenged to consider our time, our priorities, our choices and our brevity on earth.  We are just beginning to put the “puzzle” together.  Later in the week, Josh will lead a seminar on scientific discoveries.  His seminar will also point us to the choices we make regarding what we believe, what can be proven and what cannot. “Puzzle” is the the theme of our camp which will culminate in the Gospel message on Friday night. Please join us in prayer this week as God works in us, through us and around us for His Kingdom and His glory.

photo(2) All of the FBCG English teachers!

photo(1) Administering the English evaluations to place students in the correct classroom levels.

photoAll of the American English teachers

Day 1

All three American churches have arrived on time and with luggage! This is a picture of our training time together in our Czech partner church’s youth room. They graciously gave us the use of their room for our all day training. We began as strangers from three teams and are now united as one. Today we will join the nine members from the Czech team on a day trip. Our prayer is that we will end the day united with our Czech brothers and sisters. Tomorrow?  We meet our campers and head to English camp!  Thank you for praying for