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Men’s Mexico Trip

Men, our ministry partners in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are in critical need of assistance to help them recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Odile. In February you’ll have an opportunity to answer the call when FBCG sponsors a Men’s mission trip to the region.

Over the past several years, FBCG has sent numerous mission teams to Cabo San Lucas to support the work of Pastor Luis Benavidos Varela and Pastor Ramon Noriega in spreading the Gospel among unreached and impoverished families in the region.

In September, Hurricane Odile caused massive destruction in the area, and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to help the pastors and those they serve rebuild. In addition to the funds FBCG has contributed to relief efforts from the recent special offering that was taken, our Serve the World Team is planning a Men’s Mission Trip to Cabo.

Trip Dates: February 7 – 14, 2015

Registration: Applications for the trip are now being accepted. Download and fill out the application (doc).

Application Deadline: November 16, 2014

Contact: Shayna Duncan,, 630-232-7068, x120

Mexico Update 3

Wow! Hard to believe tomorrow is our last work day in Mexico! The team is already sad to go.

Yesterday, we had an another amazing day at each of our sites. We took the evening off from our usual schedule to have a little bit of fun! Many students opted to go downtown Cabo for some shopping and fun. A few others enjoyed snorkeling at a nearby beach. 


Today, the students had the opportunity to take nearly 100 Mexican children to a community pool. For most, this was their first experience at a pool party and the excitement was tangible! It was amazing for the students to get a chance to invite the kids they’ve been getting to know to the party. While the day involved plenty of lifeguarding, the benefits far outweighed the complications associated with transporting that many kids to a pool!



Our students have had the chance to hear some incredible teaching. What is more joyous than watching our teenagers grow closer to the Lord and making important decisions for Him.

Here is a quote from one of our students:

“We’ve been doing devotions every morning on the beach here in Cabo, before going to our worksites. Today as I was at the site, I kept thinking about this quote from the devotions: ‘A spark can start a forest fire as a word can change a life.’ I’ve been challenged to speak words of life, and I’ve also made some great connections while I’ve been here on this trip.” 

Through our theme, Lead Courageously, we have looked at what it means to have courage and how to let that kind of courageous spirit touch each part of our lives, through courageous relationships, through speaking words of life to each other and having the courage to change. How amazing to watch these themes permeate the hearts of our students. It is so encouraging to hear them speak about their faith. 

Pray for our final day as many sites will be presenting the gospel message at their sites. This day is so very important to us, so pray for energy, clear communication and for hearts opened to God. 

Sorry there aren’t a ton of pictures… the uploading was going very slow!

Mexico Update 2

Hey friends and loved ones!
This will be a relatively short post because we are worn out here in Cabo. It’s 10pm local time but still over 80 degrees! Wow. It was pretty hot today but it didn’t stop our students from working hard and giving their all at each site.

Our students at VBS sites had a lot of fun with the kids. At the school, some of our students are teaching the kids English. They’ve been singing the songs in English and Spanish so that the kids get to practice English. 


photo 1-2


But instead of hearing it from me- hear from some of the students:

“I think it’s been really cool and fun to see everyone grow closer to each other and in their relationship with Christ.”- Amy Kruse

“I love that the kids are so outgoing and even though I don’t speak Spanish I can still connect with them through games and activities.” Maddie Harris

“Even though its my first Mission’s Trip, we have all connected with everyone from the different churches and members of the community and most importantly, have grown closer together in Christ.” Lauren Isenhart


We finished off the day with some beach games back at the hotel. The students had tons of fun completing against each other and enjoying the sunshine! 

Well, we’re off to bed so we have plenty of energy to serve tomorrow! Keep praying for us- we appreciate it!

Mexico Update 1

Hey all!

Things are going great here down in sunny Cabo! Although the weather is hot, the students are excited and ready to serve. We are joined here by 2 other churches, one from South Carolina and one from Oklahoma. 

On Sunday, our first full day, we had the opportunity to go to Pastor Luis’ church. For many students, this was their first time experiencing multi-cultural worship. One student remarked, “No matter what language we speak, we still worship the same God.” 


e spent the remainder of the day enjoying Cabo, touring the arch and hanging out downtown.

Today, Monday, was our first work day! Our students split up into 6 different work sites. Some of those sites hosted a VBS for local children. Other groups were able to minister in an orphanage and at a school. A few of our guys spent the day doing some pretty heavy manual labor! Here are a few pictures from the day:




We spend our mornings in a time of devotion with the Lord and our evenings in fellowship together. These times have been incredibly rich and we love watching the Holy Spirit move in our students. Just tonight, in fact, 4 students from our group either accepted Christ for the first time or re-dedicated their lives to Him. Praise God!! He is so faithful and good.

Continue praying for us as we continue our work tomorrow. If you’d like to see more photos, a lot of our students are posting on social media with the hashtag: #fbcgcabo2k14