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Annual Servant Auction

This summer, FBCG is planning to send over 150 high school students and leaders on short-term mission trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Milwaukee, and we need your support to make it happen! Student Ministries invites you and your family to the 19th annual Servant Auction on April 13th from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at West Campus.

The evening’s events will include silent and live auctions, youth and adult raffles, delicious food for the family, and fun activities for kids of all ages. All funds raised will go directly to support FBCG’s 2014 student mission teams. We hope to see you there!


Once again, we had another productive and Spirit-filled day here in Milwaukee! The students have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus during their time here, and it has been evident that the Lord has been moving in and through them and the people of Milwaukee.

Today was our last official “work day”, and much was accomplished! Groups were scattered at different sites within Milwaukee, working on things such as sorting clothes, painting the church our team is staying in, and painting a mural in a local Spanish emersion school. Thank you so much for your prayers. It was evident that the Lord blessed the students with the last bit of energy they needed to end the week off strong! We finished the night off with a time of worship and continued to go through our “Journey” series led by Next Step. The students were then given the chance to pair up with another student or leader within the group in order to have some time to reflect on what the Lord has been doing in their hearts. God was moving in awesome ways tonight, so continue to pray for transformation within the lives of the students.

Tomorrow we will be giving the students a chance to relax and refresh! We will stay back at the church to help with some cleaning, and then we will be heading to beach for a filled with day in the sun!

 We have truly been amazed by the team’s enthusiastic attitude towards serving the Lord and His people this week, and cannot wait for you to hear their stories when they return!





Milwaukee 2013: Day 3

How great is our God! He is moving in so many lives within our team on this trip and we are so thankful for the opportunity we all have to serve Him this week and all the days of our lives. He has power that we cannot comprehend, and loves us in a way we cannot experience anywhere outside of His perfection.

The team continues to benefit from all of your prayers and encouragement in the service projects we’re involved with this week. We have been given strength through the Holy Spirit that we would not otherwise have been able to receive and our ministry partners are so grateful for all that we’ve completed. Today was a “typical” work day, we were again split up between sites across Milwaukee and shined Christ’s light through service. Please pray that we would finish our week strong (tomorrow is our last “work day”) and that our hearts and minds would be focused on Him so that our acts or service can bring glory to the heavenly kingdom.

Tonight during our worship/teaching time, the Next Step team set up a foot washing activity for our whole group to experience and God’s spirit was so visible. We gathered around in a circle as each group member had their feet washed by another and was prayed over by the remaining members of the group. Each student will have a different story on how God moved in them in that time, but we have no doubt that it was an experience they will soon not forget. We serve a truly perfect God and we are praying each and every day that our team continues to feel His love and surrenders to it so that we can bring glory to His perfect name. 

(We apologize for the lack of pictures, we’ll be sure to include extra tomorrow!)

Milwaukee 2013: Day 2

What a great day! We had an excellent day of work here in Milwaukee and even after the long day yesterday, the teams accomplished a huge amount of work today. Just like yesterday, the team was split among a number of different worksites. There was more organizing and sorting, as well as constructing industrial racking for a construction supplies donation center. Needless to say, we definitely put in a hard day’s work but are so thankful for the opportunity to serve our great God here in Milwaukee!

Instead of having a normal dinner with just our team, we were blessed with being able to have a neighborhood cookout and spend the evening with members of the community. The students had such a great time with the children from around the area and spent hours playing and dancing with them. There was so much joy on the face of each and every one of the kids and our team was so grateful to be able to act as the hands and feet of Jesus by exemplifying his compassion and love for all his people!

Tomorrow will be another day packed with service projects and we ask that you continue to pray for God’s guidance and strength for our team so that we can impact the community in the way God planned!



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Milwaukee 2013: Day 1

Monday, June 10

We’re just about to finish up our first day here in Milwaukee. We had a great and productive first day of service and are very excited about the rest of the week! God has already done incredible things in both our group and the surrounding community that we are serving in. We just finished up with a worship/group prayer session and are now spending time with each other and building community. It was a long day of work, but we were able to accomplish a lot for our ministry partners.

For the work day, we were split up into five different groups that each worked at a different site in the area. We were spread out between a bilingual school, local church, and a ministry working fo the less fortunate. Our projects consisted of painting, organizing materials, and moving donation materials. 

Last night we began our series “The Journey” where we go through the story of Paul’s life and gives students a chance to examine their own journey in Christ. The students have been very enthusiastic in their service and looking to make the most out of the week here in Milwaukee!
 Milwaukee Day 1