Connect to a C-Group

GoSmall group C-Groups Official Logod has created us for relationships. He has created us to connect to Him and to connect to others. We recognize that in a church the size of FBCG, it is very easy to feel alone and isolated. Therefore, we offer a dynamic small group ministry as a way to connect to others. We call these groups “C-Groups”, which stands for “Connecting Groups”.

New Connecting Groups  launch twice annually in connection with the All-Time Best-Seller Book Club and the Couples Event. Explore the tabs below to discover more information about small groups at FBCG.

Each year in September, we launch new groups in connection to our All-Time Best-Seller Book Club. These short-term, 8-10 week groups are a great way to get connected to others while being equipped in the Word. Our next Book Club, titled the “The Story of God: Genesis – Exodus”, will launch in September 2016. For more information, visit this link.
We launch new Couples Groups each spring in connection to the Couples Event. Visit this link for more information, or to register to lead or join one of these short-term, 6-week groups. 
Did you know we have hundreds of resources available in our C-Group Library for your group to use? This downloadable document lists all of our DVD, study guide, and book options. You may borrow our copy free of charge. Group members have the option of purchasing a participant’s guide for a very reasonable cost through the church. Leaders will receive their curriculum free of charge as a thank you from us for leading a group!